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Gark Mavigan pays homage to an NBA legend with a large "Orange Julius"

San Francisco's resident blapfather Gark Mavigan just put mall food courts across the US on notice with the release of his new trap infused banger titled "Orange Julius". The record sees the multitalented emcee pay homage to orange juice brand and the oft-forgotten legacy of the legendary Dr. J (the catalyst behind the ABA-NBA merger in the 70s) over a cryptic instrumental provided by producer Geminite. Mavigan really goes off the script with his wild lyrics and obscure references while still keeping Dr. J front and center. Citing names from George Gervin, Barbra Streisand to Caitlyn Jenner, Mavigan stacks punchline after punchline leading to a chorus that is suave as a finger roll.

When speaking of the track, Mavigan states that "the only thing cooler than Orange Julius and Dr. J is a track inspired by the two. "Orange Julius" follows the release of Gark's GOOD CHOICES project that donates all proceeds to Bay Area non-profits.

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