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Chandler Juliet ties together all the "elements" on new EP

Los Angeles native Chandler Juliet releases her debut EP elements today, complete with four uniquely influenced tracks. Each one holds an earthly element as their centre: earth, fire, water, and air. Last year, Chandler began slowly revealing each defined track. The release of elements drops alongside the final air element track, "hide and seek". This project is a journal of sorts, Chandler pens personal commentary on her experiences fresh out of college, and all the emotions and trials that come along with beginning the journey of true adulthood. 

"Burning sage", the fire element of the EP, has a seductively addictive rhythm, introducing listeners to Chandler's textured vocals.  "Gravitational", the earth element track, has a more upbeat pop-influence. If you're looking for that classic beat drop after a chorus, this track is it. "Tidal wave" is a softer, more delicate sound, contrary to its title's harsher associations, complete with ethereal-like background sounds.

The process of bringing this EP into being was one of rebirth, introspection, and growth. Chandler started out penning songs alone in her room. Not long after she had an audience singing her words back to her at sold out shows in Hollywood. What began in a lonely place brought her a greater connection with the people around her. "Hide and seek", the last track on the EP, seems to combine all the attractive qualities of the entirety of elements. There is a hypnotizing quality to the background guitar tab and Chandler's distinct voice. It is arguably the most personal of the tracks - beginning with the admittance of the loss of innocence. Chandler reminiscences memories of childhood while contemplating the pressures of real life in the moment. It's a perfect closure to a EP full of all the greatest elements of pop and a great introduction to Chandler's artistry into the music world. "Los Angeles can be a lonely city", she says. "but knowing that others are connecting to my creations is the most fulfilling feeling I've ever known." 

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