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Charlotte Cornfield's "Silver Civic" is hauntingly relatable

I found another artist whose voice transcends me onto another level of emotion. After one run through of Charlotte Cornfield's new single "Silver Civic", I'm thinking back on past memories of every relationship I've been in. After two listens, I'm in tears. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter moves along on a bike, singing into the camera in the single's music video. She is seemingly unaware of the effect the haunting strumming and enveloping voice has on me, and what I'm guessing to be the effect on the majority of her listeners.

Charlotte has been a figure in the Toronto music scene for some time. She has spent the last four years managing the city's Burdock Music Hall. Burdock is a local hub for passionate music makers and listeners. Along with her own career, Charlotte is a side musician and has worked with artists in North America and overseas, such as Molly Burch, Adrian Underhill, and Broken Social Scene to name a few. "Silver Civic" is a notable example of her ability to strike the heart chords of her listeners. She croons "When every silver Civic was your car, and I was gunna be a star". Charlotte is channeling a widely relatable feeling, "this is something I think we have all experienced at some point," she says. "That association of an inanimate object with somebody, or something - that wave of emotion it brings. And cars, they're just everywhere."

Charlotte is due to release her third album The Shape of Your Name April 5th. The album, recorded in five sessions over a three year period, has collaborator names like Grammy-winning Shawn Everett, Leif Vollebekk.

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