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Go 'Anywhere Anyhow' with Rick Trainor's latest tech-house release

How many times have you gone to a show and found yourself saying something along the lines of “yeah, the artist was pretty good but the opener was amazing”? It happens to me all the time, especially in the realm of house and tech. Anyone can play a bunch of smashers, but it takes talent to know how to do a proper opening set. Boston-born Rick Trainor has extensive experience in this area, and now is making it official with his first EP release 'Anywhere Anyhow' via OPENERS, a label founded by Amtrac in 2017. 

When Amtrac was asked in an interview why he chose the label name OPENERS, he said “Properly opening up a room is one of the most important but often overlooked jobs a DJ can have. I’m just trying to pay homage to the real crate diggers and music aficionados who know how to do it right.”

Rick Trainor, now based in Los Angeles, has been in the game for a long time, so he's anything than just a brand new opening set. I’m talking like, 15 years. The DJ and producer first got into music at the ripe age of 15 and has been climbing his way to the top ever since. From playing parties for Prince, Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio, to supporting huge names like Green Velvet, Soul Clap, Lee Foss and Jamie Jones, Trainor’s versatility and evolving skillset haven’t gone unrecognized.

'Anywhere Anyhow' is a perfect fit for OPENERS. It’s that chill/lo-fi/deep/tech/house that’s really hard to categorize but that anyone could love. The label’s mission statement is “Music your parents can listen to, as well as your common electronic music fan. Just trying to release records that stand the test of time.”  The two-track EP is exactly that with its groovy island vibe to it; it takes you somewhere else. Somewhere where you would definitely be wearing a bathing suit and sipping on a fruity drink. “Anywhere” is a fusion of the classic OPENERS sound and tech-house while  “Decide” has a tech-meets-old-electro vibe to it. 'Anywhere Anyhow' is guaranteed to be taking over a terrace near you this summer.

Listen to Rick Trainor’s Things You Say mixes.

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