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Lucii gets vulnerable in Wakaan debut release "Neptune"

It's exciting to see that there are so many burgeoning female artists in the bass music scene. This week, we are thrilled to present the latest release from another amazing female bass producer - Lucii. The Orlando hailing artist has been part of the Wakaan boss Liquid Stranger's latest INFINITY tour. She is finally making an epic debut on Wakaan with her latest bass anthem "Neptune" - a tune we have been eagerly waiting for so long as she has been destroying stages across the nation with it. 

Calling herself an "Alien," Lucii is trying to capture her love for space in "Neptune," as it manifests her "idea that being left on a planet away from everyone seemed like a far enough distance away to get my point across."

Opening with a caressing melody and her own soaring vocals, the track immediately constructs an angelic soundscape. It is hard to imagine but Lucii effortlessly weaves the comforting buildups with brutally intense drops together perfectly. Traversing the robust rhythm and reverbing drums, Lucii takes listeners to the deep cosmic of dark fluidity. The searching lyrics add another layer to the intricate story, revealing her multidimensional efforts in displaying her artistic vision. Dubstep may often be described as dark and heavy, but Lucii manages to express her inner vulnerability through it."'Neptune' is about my personal struggle with feeling really alone. It was written to try and work myself out of a dark place. Many people battle with depression and don't know how to rid themselves of their demons," Lucii shares. 

Stream/buy the record here.

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