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Georgi Kay's new video is a graphic and honest depiction of the "American Psycho"

Georgi Kay goes all macabre on us with the gripping aesthetic of her video for the single  "American Psycho". The gloomy single which deals with obsession at a fatal level if I may. She melodically explores the mind of individuals who allow themselves to suffer the consequences of following and obsessing over an individual they perceive to be a desirable entity or god-like figure. It's a subject everyone can relate to and probably experienced at one point or another in our lives. 

The dark visuals helmed by Director, Tiffany Leah Chung follows the journey of a young man who loses his identity to a group of cult members – the deity or entity they worship remains ambiguous and unknown. Throughout his journey and process of "Becoming", we watch through the eyes of a young woman – tied and bound – whom we later come to find is soon to meet the same fate. 

Surrounded by faceless cult members and masked assailants, the viewer experiences the psychological torture impacted on the duo.  It may be disturbing but at the end "American Psycho" reveals the deadly consequences and inevitable end behind the extreme environment of the modern-day societal hierarchy.

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