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Mikey Mike releases peaceful "Life On Earth" [Premiere]

Okay, hear me out: Mikey Mike is unlike anyone else, ever. He's been banned from local bars, moved to LA, impersonated a porn star to promote his music and wrote a record that helped Rihanna win a Grammy... oh and also worked with Rick Rubin. Mad, huh? 

Meeting and socialising with people after putting up billboards and flyers around LA - well documented on VICE - Mikey Mike sure is a quirky being. Yet, his music is peacefully calming. His latest offering "Life on Earth" captures his need to return to the conventional way of living, yet somehow I don't think that's possible for this eccentric character. 

The track, including effortlessly acoustic guitar chords and delicate vocals, is captivating. It's a beautiful indie track perfect for hazy days and dreamy nights, bound to be picked up by an indie film production team and used throughout the complications of the protagonists life. You heard it here first...

If you like what you hear, and I'm sure you do, this is only the first track from Mikey Mike's album Life On Earth Volume 1. 

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