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AJ Tracey connects with Jay Critch for “Necklace”

Rising MC from the UK proves AJ Tracey is here to stay with a brand new release off his self-titled debut album. Check out the video for "Necklace” below: 

In today’s music, auto-tune has been acting as a crutch more than a tool for too many hip-hop artists. Thankfully, Tracey masterfully utilizes a perfect balance of autotune so that it isn’t too much nor too little. The ambient backdrop in the production make this an easy track to vibe to and the smooth rhyme delivery from both featured rappers gently glides the track from start to finish. But don't be fooled by the mesmerizing sounds. The attitude found in "Necklace" hits harder in its boastful lyrics which showcase an unapologetic flex of a lavish lifestyle. Tracy sings, “I put a whip on my necklace, I drop the top her knickers are coming right off” ‘nuff said. On a rising tide himself, New York artist Jay Critch holds his own on the track. His feature doesn’t seem to outshine or under deliver. This collaboration seems like a perfect match between the two and creating a catchy track that anyone can bounce to.

Although different, the video features AJ Tracey and Jay Critch being lawless, having shootouts with bar patrons and sheriffs. Spoiler alert, AJ Tracey wins in the dual versus the sheriff. In a nutshell, it seems like Tracey just wanted to do something different with this video and take a different approach. The song overall is subtly menacing but delivers a smooth vibe. Make sure to check out the rest of the album, AJ Tracey.

Connect with AJ Tracey: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Jay Critch: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram


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