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Fake Blood looks to house's history on 'The Fear / Garms' EP [Exclusive Mix]

Earlier this year, Fake Blood made his entry into 2019 with a two-track EP, The Fear / Garms. Out via Bingo Bass, the EP sees the London-based house music veteran experiment, after seeing impressive success in 2018 with an updated release of the 2009 track, and ever present house hook and hit single, "I Think I Like It." Of course, Fake Blood's brand of sound is at its base line slightly left of center, a character that has made him a reliable force throughout his decades long career in making electronic music. 

To celebrate the release of The Fear / Garms, Fake Blood joined us to curate an exclusive mix. On it are of course the new A and B sides, as well as his signature flow of acid, tech house and house with music from his contemporaries like Paul Woolford and Marquis Hawkes.

Listen to The Fear / Garms here


00:00  ­ Healthy Boys “Muscles”

03:21  ­ Fake Blood “Garms”

05:35  ­ Chevron “Branches”

08:01  ­ Paul Woolford “You Already Know” (D­Mix)

11:21  ­ Marquis Hawkes & DJ Haus “Dance”

13:22  ­ Westcoast Goddess “Strung Out Ditty”

16:40  ­ Bot “Free”

18:42  ­ Lakehead “Angels”

22:21  ­ Girls Of The Internet “Heaven In Your Arms”

24:14  ­ Mark Broom “Break 97”

27:21  ­ Northern Jamz “Stutter” (Minimal Mix)

29:06  ­ Murder He Wrote “All I Ever Needed”

32:36  ­ The Alien “The Alien”

35:20  ­ Prospa “Prayer” (DJ Seinfeld Mix)

38:27  ­ Fake Blood “The Fear”

41:13  ­ Ulmo “Odium” (Benton Mix)

44:09  ­ Boston 168 “909 Therapy”

46:45  ­ Dense & Pika “Hands Up”

49:00  ­ Ghostwhip “Stick”

50:24  ­ Rushmore “Connecting Energy"


Connect with Fake Blood: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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