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Matthew Pinder and Molly Bush release tender "Break My Heart And Let Me Go"

A favourite track of the week comes from singer-songwriter Matthew Pinder, featuring Molly Bush. “Break My Heart And Let Me Go” is the latest single from Pinder’s upcoming album Give Me Some Time, due out April 12th. The Nassau, Bahamas native sings a breathy harmony alongside Bush’s angelic vocals, which has consistently brought a tear to my eye each time I listen to this track.

Pinder’s first single “Golden Hour” off the new album captured 150,000 streams in its first week. I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on the entirety of this collection. Pinder has a way of navigating human experience with such a high level of emotion in his music. “Break My Heart And Let Me Go” is no exception. With a backdrop of steady guitar strumming, the single builds to intense moments of multiple harmonies and slows to softer moments and tender notes. I'm counting the days until April 12th. 

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