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Tess is an unbridled pop sensation that will leave you "Hypnotized"

Meet Tess Polacheck, the newest singer-songwriter to enter the pop scene. After cutting her teeth writing music with a variety of well-known artists like Awolnation, Lost Kings and Max Vangeli she is proud to take center stage in this her first solo endeavor. "Hypnotized" is unapologetic in its mainstream leanings, filled with epic downtempo rhythms and a slow-burning chorus.

A natural songwriter, Tess knows how to craft fiery pop bangers that echo and shatter. Her electrifying vocal characteristic is both fierce and frenetic with a buzzing energy. On "Hypnotized" the story depicts a sultry fatal attraction where both parties are struggling to fight the other's tractor-beam-like effect.

The track is filled with grandiose production that mirrors the dramatic ebb and flow often felt in this phase of a relationship. The will-they-won't-they tension is front in center in each chorus with quaking drums and burning synths. 

We spoke to Tess via email and here's what she had to say about the track, 

"As a songwriter a lot of times I make a movie in my head and have a clear vision of what is happening throughout the song, and what the journey is that I’m going on... for this song, I wrote about an experience I had with someone where our relationship constantly felt like a fantasy. We were hypnotizing each other, in our own little world."

Tess plans on releasing more music this spring leading up to her debut EP. 

Connect with Tess: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Pop · Rhythmic Pop


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