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Portuguese trio Vaarwell explore broody indie-pop on "Deep"

Amalgamating an experimental electronic sound and a polar opposite to their previous sugary indie-pop melodies, Vaarwell is back with something strikingly brooding. "Deep" is an exploration into this change of music direction and sees the band challenge their pre-existing musical abilities. 

Effortlessly enthralling vocals from Margarida Falcão, her voice offers soothing textures to the explorative soundscape behind her. The dynamically adapted sound shows a maturity in their growth as a band. Continuing to produce indie-pop gold with a melancholic twist, Vaarwell are a trio that produce the most captivating and elegant music, perfect for soundtracking a hazy day. 

Embellished with fuzzy electronics, "Deep" subtly creates a surrealist atmospheric feel. Despite its mysterious broodiness, the record feels almost uplifting. A blurring of genres and moodiness, Vaarwell are creating a distinct sound in a frenzied indie-pop world.

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