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Szjerdene creates summery electronica on "Rain" [Premiere]

The incredibly talented London-based artist Szjerdene shares both the track and accompanying visuals for her emotionally vulnerable single "Rain".

Produced by Greatcoat Films, the video brings her visions to life. First unafraid to display their emotions, the protagonists explore their personal spaces before growing into both their own and each other's intimacies. 

The track is beautifully ethereal. With electronic pulses and intricate vocals, "Rain" is the perfect piece of summer electronica. Featuring dreamy production and delicate grooves, the track prettily encapsulates Szjerdene's soft yet powerful aura. 

Defining her as a truly visionary talent, the track captures Szjerdene's mission to make music for people to fall in love to. She explains: "Rain describes the ways in which love can be both overwhelming and numbing at the same time."

"Rain" is a perfected electronic track, slightly crossing the R&B boundary but maintaining the stylistically experimental vibe from such an incredible artist.

Szjerdene releases her Trace EP on 22nd March. 

Connect with Szjerdene: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

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