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What is it about the “West Coast”? Let G-Eazy & Blueface tell you

This track had been rumored to be dropping for a while as we saw G-Eazy and Blueface shooting a video for the previously unknown track. At last, sampling Richie Rich’s classic track, “Let’s Ride” from 1966, G-Eazy and rising star Blueface are putting on for the best coast with, “West Coast.” Filled with braggadocios lines from G-Eazy like, “My last album took care of my grandchildren” and “Puma check just got cleared, Merry Christmas” the west coast flag continues to be flown proudly. The song stays true to its name maintaining that signature West Coast bounce along with G-Eazy dropping West Coast slang terminology like, “Scraper.”

The smooth sampling of Richie Rich’s track is really what makes this song kick though. Yeaaa Aiight! Blueface also adds charisma to the track, even dawning himself as the face of the West Coast. Let’s face it though, is he wrong? One thing fitting about this sample is that it comes from Richie Rich’s album, “Seasoned Veteran” which passes the baton fittingly to new artist Blueface. As he continues to up his resume with this G-Eazy collab, Blueface is putting together a solid argument for rookie of the year. He even recently nabbed a Cardi B feature for a remix of his smash, “Thotiana.” One thing fans following Blueface’s catalog might notice is that it actually seems like he was trying to ride this beat and not give his patented off center verses. Let’s see if this track can topple the position of Richie Rich’s original release which landed at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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