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Dretti Franks takes a fresh nostalgia trip on "Ice Creams"

Underground hip-hop visionary Dretti Franks releases a new single "Ice Cream" which happens to be an ode to Pharrell Williams. Franks is known for his unique rap production mixtapes showcasing a Texas trill style. Not to mention he has worked with Wifi Gawd, Amber London and Lofty 305.

There are a number of nostalgic references in Dretti's art. His music alone is reminiscent of 90's south underground music with an original spaced out twist. His cover art makes this theme even more prominent.

Everything about "Ice Cream" the lyrics, the beat even the cover art reminds listeners of 2000's Pharrell. Dretti "grinds on the beat like skateboard P" while maintaining his own style with his bouncy flow perfectly matching with his self-production. 

Connect with Dretti Franks: TwitterSoundCloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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