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Bensbeendead may have created your new favorite jam with "Exoskeleton"

In a time where music is coming at us more rapidly than ever, it can be hard to digest new tunes from all of your favorite artists, let alone discover new ones. On the other hand, it makes discovering a new artist all the more special and something like a unearthing a precious gem. A recent example of a new artist discovery is Bensbeendead. The Portland, Maine-based singer/producer is definitely one to watch. If you don't believe me, his new single "Exoskeleton" is all the proof you need.

The Doug Schadt and Bensbeendead co-produced electro-pop track starts off a bit unassuming with a piano loop, but it then picks up with programmed drums and synths. By the time the chorus hits, you are bobbing uncontrollably as the beat really kicks in. Ben's voice creates a quiet storm that, mixed with the production, makes you want to press play over and over.

"Exoskeleton" is a track that leaves you wanting more from the Maine artist. Hopefully we can expect new work from Bensbeendead coming very soon, but until then,"Exoskeleton" is left on repeat.

Stream/Download "Exoskeleton" HERE.

Connect with Bensbeendead: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Indie · Pop


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