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Rexx Life Raj is back with "Gonna Love Me [REXXSTYLE]"

Two week after the release of his honest "Never Change" anthem, Berkeley rapper Rexx Life Raj is back at it again. He just dropped a flip of Teyana Taylor's "Gonna Love Me" and, once again, Raj is unapologetically himself. On "Gonna Love Me [REXXSTYLE]" he details his work ethic while he describes where it's taken him. Raj reflects on his genuinity and how it sets him apart.    

"Never thought just by being myself I'd be the anomaly" he raps with a light flow. Amidst his shit-talking and more specific tales of growth, Raj still exudes a quiet humility by not taking himself too seriously: he raps things like "somewhere in first class, got to ask where Susan is," referencing the problematic flight attendant character from his 2018 song "Neighborhood Dopeman." 

Still, "Gonna Love Me [REXXSTYLE]" is a great display of confidence in his growth and an indication that he doesn't plan on slowing anything down any time soon. Check it out on SoundCloud up above.     


Connect with Rexx Life Raj: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook  | Instagram  




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