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A personal look into The Shakes in “Underneath A Blood Orange Sky”

A b-side and intro track to the playlist From The Bedroom, indie collective The Shakes have released “Underneath A Blood Orange Sky”.  Showcasing deep wistful vocals atop striking synths and a dreamy blend of electronic sounds, the masterful song is a psychedelic track to excite all the senses. 

“Music can hit you in so many ways, and with this one I wanted to create an experience for the listener, “ lead vocalist Sean Perry explains. “As an intro track, I wrote it with a vision of a portal sucking you into the rest of these new releases.”

The intro track begins with a heartwarming voicemail where his dad attempts to reconnect with him after a falling out. Their relationship had weakened after a series of personal events and it was his dad’s way of reaching out when Perry was distant and in an uncomfortable frame of mind.

The voicemail sparked the concept of From the Bedroom, with every track produced and mixed in their living room. The playlist features personal songs narrating different types of relationships. Detailing girlfriends and breakups to family and friends, each track creates an intimate and vulnerable experience for the listener and that comes across in every tune. Check out these up-and-comers with From The Bedroom out now.

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Photo credit: Jacob Welsh 



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