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Tiana Khasi releases "They Call Me" as a powerful anthem for women

Future soul singer Tiana Khasi releases a new single that speaks as an anthem to women aptly named “They Call Me”. Oozing with lush vocals and captivating story-telling, "They Call Me" sends a strong message to women around the world. The single emphases on pushing women to reclaim themselves and abandon shame, further allowing women to create their own narrative.

On then single Tiana said, "They Call Me" was written to challenge the problematic depictions of women in history and literature. It’s also a tribute to the fierce women whose rebellion, fire and strength inspire me, especially my Tinā ole Tinā (Nana). I wanted this song to become an anthem for myself and other women to abandon shame, reclaim and redefine the names they have been given and be the authors of their own story”

Hailing from Brisbane, the Samoan-Indian-Australian artist's celestial voice has already been streamed over 3 million times before her debut single "Nuketown" dropped late last year.

Tiana is currently working up to release her debut EP Meghalaya produced by Sampology slated for release on the 29th March 2019.

Connect with Tiana Khasi: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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