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Coyu announces debut album with 'You Don't Know'

Coyu has always bared his soul in his music. But surprisingly, for running a successful electronic and techno label, the Suara boss has never put that emotion into a full length album. Of course, this gives us the opportunity to join in on his announcement that he is indeed releasing an album in 2019. This week, the Barcelona artist released a preview of the album in the form of a four-track EP entitled You Don't Know. The release gets into things straight away, with its first track as in your face, thumping techno. The last two tracks are still uptempo, but with deeper energy, with an experimental "Insania" rounding out home. From what we can gather, the future album of the same name will be both a look personal retrospective (see "My First Pill and "Happiness? Go Ahead" as track titles), as well as a future thinking techno album with the twists and turns we expect and appreciate from the label Coyu has curated in his career.

Along with this release, Coyu will be playing a day party on March 2 in Los Angeles, which you can see details for here.

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