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Anuka challenges the hues of love in "Light Blue"

One of my favorite independent female songwriters, Anuka, just released her brand new single "Light Blue".  Light Blue tells the story of how a colorful mind can turn dark when it has no canvas to paint its love onto. The only light left to see is the one slightly lighter than seen when feeling blue: Light Blue.

"Depression is the central theme of this song. With the lyrics I’ve tried to express how powerless I’ve felt when I tried to be there for the people around me that were dealing with depression at that time. It was hard for me to understand how someone’s brain would cause someone to feel that unhappy. That’s how Light Blue came to life. The process taught me that true love comes with sometimes sacrificing your own idea of love. It’s a gift to love and to be loved in a way that doesn’t always require fully understanding each other." Anuka

With "Light Blue" we are taken on a journey guided by the soulful vocals and angelic, yet ominous instrumental. The massive synth continues to build throughout the song growing with emotion as does the strength and power of Anuka's vocal. Close your eyes, hit play, and let yourself slip away. 

Connect with Anuka: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter   

Indie · Indie Pop


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