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Tierra Whack is merciless in bass-clapping rap heater "CLONES"

Never one to take herself too seriously, Phili rapper Tierra Whack can never be confined to just one style or repeated rap flow. Last week, we got the colourful "Only Child", this week we get a distorted bass-clapping heater, "CLONES".

Despite the ominous buzzing that kicks the song off, Tierra is quickly heard sneezing and replying, "Let's keep that, I'm serious, don't delete that." The jokes end here though, as Whack goes on a tirade against rappers biting her style. Okay that was a complete lie, she also reminds listeners of the slick trend that was the Heelys shoe (where did those go?) with the wobbling bars, "Born and raised in Philly. Fuck around roll like Heely. Heart so cold it’s chilly. Stole my style, you guilty." While taking shots at her clones, Tierra also takes time to fire back with the ad lib, "ad lib." That's right, she says ad lib for an ad lib. Let that sink in. While we're all out here playing checkers, Tierra Whack is on Mars playing 4D chess.

The production, though not typical to Tierra's form, still contains some colours of Whack World. The buzzing that reverberates throughout almost feels like a swarm of bees chasing the drums at every corner. The swarm seems to drive Tierra's delivery, as she runs through her verses with the energy of a child who just threw a rock at a beehive.

Two releases in as many weeks means Whack History Month is very real—and its time the world listens.

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