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Get funky with Kojaque's new music video for "Flu Shot"

I would like to thank Slack for connecting me daily with the great team here at EARMILK but also more importantly for introducing me to Irish rapper Kojaque and his Soft Boy Records crew. Whoever posted Deli Daydreams in the EARMILK Slack last year (it was probably Tanis, ayyy Tanis) deserves an award because I spin that record like a psycho and honestly if the Kojaque team has been seeing a weird spike in plays on Spotify from Bumf#ck, Minnesota from the period of April 2018-January 2019, that was 100% me. 

Anyways Kojaque just released a music video for his new, funky, spicy mayo single "Flu Shot" and in my delirious jet lagged mind I clicked that motherf#cken' "play" button on Youtube and went through a TRIP. Not going to lie, I had to Genius the lyrics to "Flu Shot" because they read like a short story or something but I suppose the comically melodramatic visual direction of the music video nicely parallels the lyricism in the song about expectations and wanting to not give a f#ck, there, look at me putting my English degree to good use. It's all subjective! I think the editing in the "Flu Shot" music video was pretty cool too. Although what do I know, I just know it's better than the editing in Bohemian Rhapsody and it was FUN so like, yeah. Check it out!

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