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narou and James Chatburn come together on the delicate love song "Oblivious"

It’s no secret that EARMILK supports the global music scene. One of the most exciting parts about covering rising musicians is that they come from just about everywhere. A random click on our website can land you in the UK, the US, Canada, Japan, the outskirts of Europe or just about anywhere else on this slowly spinning planet. For today, though, I'll focus on Germany; Berlin to be exact.

Please meet narou and James Chatburn, two rising producer/vocalists coming out of Europe. Separately, they’ve put together some great songs, but together, they’re a different force entirely.

Witness the magic on “Oblivious” below.

Now that’s a proper collaboration. Instead of pulling the focus one way or another, narou and Chatburn bring their respective production and vocal talents together, resulting in a beautifully paced and scored love song.

Leaning on the piano to provide the frame, with slow and straightforward percussions to keep the tide ebbing onwards, “Oblivious” is a delicately told tale of heartbreak. Even the vocals on “Oblivious” have a fine and fragile way about them. Both narou and Chatburn lend their voices with trading verses, adding slightly different tones to the scene for a more vibrant picture.

Press play on “Oblivious” above and be sure to keep it locked on EARMILK for all the best tunes from around the globe.


Connect with narou: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with James Chatburn: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Electro Pop · Electro R&B


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