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Hector & David Gtronic unveil brooding collaboration EP 'Holding On'

VL Recordings's label boss Hector has unveiled a brooding debut EP collaboration with fellow beatmaker David Gtronic. Holding On is a self-assured compilation teeming with enigmatic melancholy and buzzing synths, an exquisite exposition of their talents in techno. 

Title track "Holding On" opens with moody vigour, cementing Hector's reputation as a purveyor of deep, brooding cuts. Whilst Gtronic's unique techno sound is evidently laced throughout. In "Gabacho", the duo lean into the darker sonic vibrations that quickly distinguished VL Recordings in its formative years. In doing so "Gabacho" marks a return to the roots of the label with a track that’s as upfront as they come: riddled with incessant, driving rhythm slung forward with a chunky bassline and distorted vocal intermissions. Lastly, "Villa Kubu" is a spellbinding gripper loaded with subtle textures that mesmerize and pulls one into a meditative state. Both Hector and Gtronic showcase their talents in tandem throughout Holding On, beautifully weaving a notable sonic tale.

Buy/stream Holding On here.


Connect with Hector: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with David Gtronic: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook



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