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Sonder's "What You Heard" is transparency at its finest

Opening up with the gentle trill of lullaby-like melodies, "What You Heard" is R&B trio Sonder’s latest stripped-down, angelic ballad of surrender. Filled with questions, “What You Heard” is a call for honesty in a relationship. Its deep, spacy synths represent being stuck in the black hole of a relationship wondering where to go next. Lead singer Brent Faiyaz’s pain-drenched cooing stings listeners' ears with each pull of the acoustic guitar's strings and each finger snap.“What Your Heard” encompasses the simple but captivating sonic soundscape and vulnerable lyrics listeners know and love from Sonder. The rhapsody switches up at the halfway point with the crescendo of snares and heavy bass, perhaps symbolic of Sonder’s call to try and meet halfway in this relationship.

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Acoustic R&B · Ambient R&B · Minimal RnB · R&B · Soul


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