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Noah Slee offers fresh remixes from his album 'Otherland'

Anyone who fell in love with Noah Slee’s captivating debut album Otherland from last year got a little extra reason to be excited with the release of three new remixes from the album. The New Zealand-born and Berlin-based artist made quick work of establishing himself as a force in the world of R&B and soul with the album and the new remixes from JNTHN STEIN, DKVPZ, and Eyukaliptus provide some fresh dimensions to the already remarkable material.

First there’s JNTHN STEIN’s take on “Reality,” which features fellow New Zealand-born artist Jordan Rakei on vocals. The L.A. producer elevates the energy on the track with some tasteful chopping that never sacrifices the original version’s integrity. The giant syncopated synth hits are particularly effective in taking the music into the stratosphere.

The song “Instore” appeared on Otherland as a lush, synth-heavy slow jam featuring some smooth vocals from Rachel Fraser and fellow Berlin resident Wayne Snow. For the remix, Eyukaliptus offers some variety with an eclectic mix of different tempos and styles, stripping down the track in spots for an atmospheric sound to highlight Snow’s pitch-down vocals. The remix closes with a vibed out hip-hop feel which begs for a rap verse but also works just fine on its own.

The final remix of the trio is a reworking of the upbeat track “DGAF,” which features Shiloh Dynasty. São Paulo production duo DKVPZ takes the reigns behind the board here, providing a subtle yet delectable Brazilian flavor to the track that lends itself impeccably to their sonic aesthetic.

Otherland gave us a taste for Noah Slee’s irresistibly skillful musicianship and while we don’t yet know when his next album will arrive, these remixes should tide us over… for now.

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