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Brendan Bennett releases "Rich Friends" single

Florida artist Brendan Bennett has one of the most underrated bodies of work from 2018 in his Pop Tracks & Love Songs project. It sounds like he'd have millions of plays and a sizable fan base, but that isn't the case - yet. He just released a new single titled "Rich Friends." It's ridiculously honest; he tells about the lack of money in his bank account, and how problematic this can be during a weekend with his more wealthy friends. Even though not everyone has an abundance of "Rich Friends," Bennett still makes the song relatable by not taking the concept too seriously. Sonically, he and producer Capi take a unique approach on the pop rap style that Bennett has developed over his short career. The slow bounce and irresistibly catchy chorus keep the listener intrigued, while Bennett's lyrics maintain a lighthearted tone throughout the track's nearly three minute duration. Bennett is only getting better; check out "Rich Friends" up above and find him on his socials below. 

Connect with Brendan Bennett: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 



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