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Daise breaks the ceiling on "Glass Mind"

Some tracks match your expectations and others break through to something deeper. On "Glass Mind," Los Angeles-based band Daise aim to provide a reprieve from the melancholy and painful past. Not only do they clean the closet of skeletons but they do so with swift, shimmery soundscapes and sweeping vocals that croon for dreams of love and comfort.

Daise emulates the ghosts of dream-pop past with this torn track that embodies the closing of one chapter while searching for the next. While many contemporaries seem to be living in the "dreamy" constraints of their genre, Daise carries a sense of urgency. It's like the feeling of being in limbo or in-between jobs. While on one hand, we relish in the freedoms these situations present we are caught tossing and turning for the next move. 

"Glass Mind" is the interstitial period between a forgettable past and an uncertain future. It's dealing with old memories and wondering how to compartmentalize them correctly in order to get on with life. The beauty lies in the mysterious, shrouded poetry crafted by vocalist Elijah DeLeon. His torturous croon echoes through the duration of the track until the final comedown that dissipates so sweetly, like drifting off into a dream.

Stay tuned for more from Daise as they prepare a sophomore EP due out later this spring.

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Dreampop · Dreamwave · Indie · Shoegaze


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