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Remy Banks salutes late-night love and pizza with "like me..."

With the plethora of romantic gestures that take place every February 14 in the form of cards, flowers, and chocolates, it all can feel inauthentic and a bit contrived. There are always Valentine’s related songs that come out as well, trying to cash in on the romantic holiday. Fortunately, there are artists like Remy Banks to offer a more realistic depiction of love and romance in our current times. The Queens-based artist released his single “like me…” on the 14 of February, but it’s not like any Valentine’s Day song you’ve ever heard.

K-Nite 13 produced the track, cultivating a late-night vibe with some gentle yet throbbing bass, sustained string pads, and faraway horn lines. Banks raps over the unhurried yet funky beat about wanting to meet up with a girl late night at the Queens staple Dani’s House of Pizza. The single artwork even features a paper plate and half-eaten slice from the restaurant with a heart-shaped pepperoni at the center. “like me…” is brief and unassuming, but it provides what most of us will probably feel is a more genuine depiction of modern day romance than what appears on most Valentine’s cards. The track also shows that Banks and K-Nite 13 make a formidable duo that will hopefully continue collaborating in the future.

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