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These Guy take a walk in the wild with "Leaf Blower" [Video]

Take a break and go and have a boogie among the trees with These Guy. The Brisbane band have released their wonderfully quirky new indie-pop track, "Leaf Blower".

"Leaf Blower" follows the alt-pop outfit's knack for introspection. The Australian band's most ambitious recording yet, the airy track layers sweet synth harmonies with jittery polyrhythmic beats. In addition, they manage to throw in a sensual saxophone and unhinged guitar solo with surprising success. Because that's the playful charm of These Guy.

Above all, the song is lyrically inspired by the wonder and stillness of nature. Similarly, the music video struts the same poignant path as its words. Shot in Vancouver, it features frontman Joe Saxby having an odd dance between green forests, tourists and neighborhoods. "The end result conveys that feeling of being lost in a new place. This is what the song is really trying to describe," says Saxby. He adds, "There's a strong emphasis on trying not to lose perspective, and keeping yourself aligned with all the positivity and beauty that there is in the world."

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