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Yehme2 delivers a hard-hitting trap remix of Spice Girls' "Wannabe"

Chicago-based producer Yehme2 never messes around to deliver a tune to make the dance floor even grimier for his fans. When the "Digital Dad" is not cooking meals for his family, he is simmering all those spices to cook up a timeless and dirty beat to satisfy one's appetite for a taste of hard-hitting trap.

His past remix of Valee's "Womp Womp" delivered the classic vibe the original song entails, but with a filthy and irregular twist. Whether you need a little spice in your life, his recent remix of the classic Spice Girls "Wannabe" pleases all those old school pop enthusiasts and opens up a new door to the world of trap music. From using the uptempo vocals as a trigger for what is to come next, Yehme2 drops all the heat to bring out those moves you never knew you had. Forget the chocolates from your Valentine, this Chicago based producer will tell you what you want with a new banger to bounce and get "Zigga" to. 

Chef it out with Yehme2 next at District Atlanta on March 4th. 

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