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Nobi and Karma are all about carefree vibes on "Baby"

Seattle based wordsmith who goes by the moniker Nobi makes his way to the forefront with a colorful visual for his song "Baby". The title is somewhat deceiving as the song is completely far from giving love-laden vibes but rather a showcase of deft lyricism laced with humor and wit.  Nobi makes it known that he is all about his craft as he delivers punchlines and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, over the fun-filled trap infused instrumentation laid by engineer/producer duo theDGTL. Also along for the ride is his close friend and frequent collaborator Karma who brings his own unique fiery performance and a melodic chorus to tie things up nicely.

The visual for "baby" is very colorful and quite energetic too as the duo are depicted as two fun-loving rhyming beasts. The aesthetic is devoid of the obvious rap tropes and go for a more tropical and playful vibe from start to finish. Nobi has been busy in the lab working with his siblings Topp and Yel, Karma and The DGTL as he prepares to finish up his solo project to be released at a later date this year.


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