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GAWVI's new single, "Hope You Say", is Cupid's new theme song

Miami artist, GAWVI, has a new single out, “Hope You Say”, a love anthem for the broken-hearted women out there. Coming off his 2018 album, PANORAMA, the producer-turned-rapper laid down the smooth melodic vocals along with producing the track. He is a true triple-threat.

“Lately a lot of my close friends and family members have been telling me they just want to give up on love,” GAWVI shared on his Instagram.

With a laid back tempo, the beat naturally grazes through seams of emotions and conducts a strong melancholy vibe. The song was written with rapper and collaborator, Aklesso, who's also from South Florida and features on GAWVI's last album. The message is for those who have thrown in the towel on the idea of love because of past relationship hurts. Fittingly, the song was released three days before Valentine's Day.

GAWVI's getting ready to tour on the Unashamed Forever tour in March with the 116 Clique

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Chill Trap · Future R&B · Hip-Hop


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