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The Slice, Episode 23 [Urban Feature]

There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers.

This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back, relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

If you dug what you hear, you can revisit our previous episodes of "The Slice" here.

Kelly Hafner - "Things Are Changin'"

Singer/songwriter Kelly Hafner kicks off this week's episode with a rousing funk filled jam dedicated to the modern day woman. The song titled "Things Are Changin'. " sees the singer share her experiences expressively over a vibrant funky backdrop.

Paris Love-Child - "Stay Winning"

Performer, singer/songwriter and fashion model who goes by the moniker Paris Love-Child is back with her new track "Stay Winning". The song is a pure display of raw skills as she doesn't pull back the punches when it comes down to it. She takes charge over the booming mellow trap backdrop and goes for the jugular with her fierce demeanor and in your face lyrics.

Wyatt James - "Great Ones"

Wyatt James (aka Made By Dubs) shares his own insight regarding the legends in the rap game. Over a solemn/soulful backdrop, he delivers his thoughts with laid-back energy but laced with a poignant feel.  "Great Ones" is the latest of three singles following the release of his fourth project 'Happily Sad'. 

Lo Profile - "Sometimes"

Buffalo, New York emcee Lo Profile drops the first video off his debut EP A LawnMower And A Gas Can. The single in question is for the song "Sometimes". Over a mellow cinematic backdrop produced by Bez McFresh, Lo-Profile takes the listener deep down into his world with a detailed account of the street life and what it entails. The video directed by Chemvision brings Lo Profile's vision to the big screen with a solid visual representation of the song. Get the EP here on Spotify and iTunes.

Ka-Li - "KUDOS"

Ka-Li is a producer-vocalist duo made up of London-based producer, Sam Posener and soulful singer/songwriter, Indigo Lily. Their new soulful record titled "KUDOS" is an aspirational track that dives into Lily's personal struggles and her ability to pull through regardless of all the challenges she has faced so far. The song, penned to Indigo's younger self, details the fall from childhood naivety into pain and the eventual come up.

This is the second single from Ka-Li's upcoming debut EP which comes in early 2019.

Tom The Mail Man - "LIL TOMMY"

Emerging rapper Tom The Mail Man shares his quirky style of hip-hop with the release of his new video for his song "LIL TOMMY". The song is a carefree, fun-filled record that would cater to fans of cloud rap and anime. Starting the song with a Naruto Jitsu quip and various Japanimation effects, Tom the mailman doesn't hide his love for all things unorthodox. He sure keeps it interesting with a catchy hook and a minimalistic style to boot. Geet the audio on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Sahara Grim - "Wavelengths"

Singer/songwriter Sahara Grim is on a higher plateau when it comes to the soul-driven compositions she is known for. Her new release titled "Wavelengths" is a showcase of pure heartwarming, magnetizing melodies laced with messages of nature, art, spirituality, and self-empowerment. Outside of her music endeavors, Grim is an ethnomusicology major at UCLA. "Wavelengths" is taken from her new EP 'Current of Being'.

Shan Vincent de Paul - "Out Alive"

Sri Lankan-born, Toronto-based artist Shan Vincent de Paul drops his first release for 2019 with his new single "Out Alive". The aspirational track produced by La+ch showcases his smooth melodic style over a vibrant driving beat. He takes some time to talk about his struggles and perseverance. For this track, he tapped into classic groups such as Outkast and Bone Thugs and Harmony, fusing it with La+ch-inspired electronic production.

Emily Chambers - "Left Alabama"

Emily Chambers brings the classic fun-filled vibes in the video for her song "Left Alabama". The Ricardo Betancourt-directed video captures the free spirit of Chambers as she moves on to greater things after achieving some success in a group and now she has a clearer idea of her artistic vision and this video is an awesome reflection of that. She further adds that "the song is light and playful and that's exactly how I wanted the video to feel - easy in the big easy."

Chief Esco - "John Gotti(Karate)"

Chief Esco delivers a dark cinematic joint he calls "John Gotti(Karate)". He takes the listener deep into the depths of the streets over the gritty backdrop.  "John Gotti(Karate)" is off his GrimeWave mixtape that is coming soon.

Rod Wave - "Weight On My Shoulders"

Emerging rapper Rod Wave shares his feelings regarding the harsh decision making that parallels the pressure of having to be the breadwinner at a young age on his new song/video "Weight On My Shoulders". The St. Petersburg, Florida-based act doesn't hold back his thoughts on the track and with a solid video to boost as he shows exactly why tough decisions have to be made, even some that he will regret down the line. But, what's a young man to do when his family and girlfriend are entirely dependent and expectant on him getting money by any means necessary? "Weight On My Shoulders" is from his new project Hunger Games 3.

Bagz - "Tek Time"

East London rapper BAGZ fires his engines with another smooth joint he calls "Tek Time"(produced by emerging North London musician Dada).  Still riding high on the back of his underground hits "Snapchat" and "Popular Person",  the East London native gets into a romantic zone as he professes his love to a lady that caught his eye. The visual was directed by his longtime collaborator Jake Japan, who brings the love story to life with vibrant and colorful aesthetics.



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