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Emily Chambers shows her strength on "Left Alabama"

Emerging Canadian singer Emily Chambers charms us with her debut solo single "Left Alabama."

The singer has done quite a lot in the industry from training with Canadian Jazz singer Joani Taylor, busking across the South of France and Italy and forming a five-piece soul-pop-funk band called Champagne Republic. She worked with the band for half a decade while holding down a job at an insurance company before going on this solo mission.

"Left Alabama" exudes a plethora of vibes and feelings from freedom and self-reliance to love. The production is rich and reflective all the way, but Chamber's syrupy vocals take prominence from the jump. She taps into the human element with her heartfelt lyrics and imagery, making it easy for the emotions to connect to the listener. In a nutshell "Left Alabama" is a brilliant introduction for new listeners. Chambers’ is currently working on material for her next album to be released in Spring 2019. Fun fact: The song was birthed during the second leg of her first US tour in a 1983 Dodge Camper Van as she traveled from New Orleans to her current Nashville base.  Get "Left Alabama" on Spotify.

Connect with Emily Chambers  : Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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