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The Alexsander's 'Signal of Susa' is a call for the return of minimal techno

Shrouded under a thin veil of anonymity, The Alexsander returns with a cinematic EP Signal of Susa—a self-assured compilation of stunning compositions. Reflecting his poised sonic identity, the sounds of Signal of Susa are influenced by his Middle Eastern roots, specifically from the city of Susa. 

With production that balances house with the experimental and more brooding side of minimal techno, Signal of Susa is driven forward by buzzing electronica and space-vintage resonance. The producer draws on his signature combination of enigmatic melancholy and melodic bass for a delicate and contemporary tracklist. 

Seraphic but never banal, The Alexsander opens up the EP with "Senti Mental," a hypnotizing track riddled with alien touches before progressively building into a seemingly light-heart tone with its airy vocals. "Signal" and "Susa" follow with the same ambiance, juxtaposing airiness with foreboding sub-bass. Changing the tempo, "Times" showcases a more tribal side to the producer's production, favouring modulated percussions as the base of the track. Lastly, "Hypercolor"'s pulsing melodies, weave a more relaxed narrative in the otherwise shadowy Signal of Susa. 

Connect with The Alexsander: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Downtempo · Experimental · Minimal · Techno


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