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Make the world a better place with Trapdoor Social

A band rooted in environmental activism, indie rock collective Trapdoor Social have just released their new single entitled “The Move”.   An upbeat highly infectious track, "The Move" features energetic funky guitars, passionate vocals and a melodic hooky chorus.   The single is the ultimate activist's anthem, centered on a growing movement of people who want to leave the world better than they found it. 

The Los Angeles based rock band is on a mission. With origins in a college environmental studies program, Trapdoor Social is a huge supporter of sustainability. They began producing outdoor solar powered concerts and events throughout the US, including Sunstock Solar Festival which takes place annually in LA. Trapdoor Social have also put their fundraising efforts towards other great causes such as Homeboy Industries and Kids Cancer Connection.

With music known for enthusiasm and passion, their lyrics play with love, philosophy and social critique. The band have received significant airplay across the country and numerous TV placements, as well as garnering over a million streams on Spotify.  

Connect with Trapdoor Social : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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