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Mothica's "Burnout" gets reworked by Sleeping Lion

Singer and songwriter Mothica came out of the gate with heavy support from the start of her career, all while managing to stay independent. While that is no easy feat, luckily for artists releasing more and more independent music to be successful, it is a possibility in the current climate.  Her vocals performances have put her alongside the likes of Elohim and Verite, while she mixes ethereal sounds and moody beats. With her debut EP Ashes out last year, she now is offering up a revival in the form of a remix album. Today we have the debut of the electronic-pop duo Sleeping Lion's edit of "Burnout." 

“I love remixes because they can completely alter the emotional impact of a song. I kept the original production of 'Ashes' true to the lyrics, avoiding many electronic elements like chorus drops and vocal chops in exchange for analog instruments and my own personal sample library," Mothica shares. "The most surprising remix was one by my friends Sleeping Lion. I love it so much I might start playing their version live at shows.” While Mothica's favorite seems to be Sleeping Lion's we don't beg to differ. They come through with a sweeping synth line that builds slowly into a more electronic-pop background and sound the duo are known for. Their remix work meshes perfectly with Mothica's vocals and you must just think that this the original direction. 




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