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Elujay lets go of powerful 'Adojio' EP

Soul artist Elujay is ridiculously smooth. This no better showcased than on his newest EP, Adojio. It's drenched in passion and soaked in refreshing vocals throughout its seven songs. The Oakland native released "Starchild" and "Blu" as singles in 2018, but the project's cohesiveness is one of the things that sets it apart. "Spaceships" is a fitting introduction to Elujay's talents as a musicians before the project gets into the young artist's biggest and best song, "Starchild." Other highlights from the project include the more catchy "Blu" and the honest "Champagne Galore."    

Adojio contains a compact sound; Elujay uses his skills and somewhat unorthodox song structure to craft a project that is noticeably different than anything else in R&B. It's rich, soulful, and exciting. Check out Adojio up above.        

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