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Shift K3Y's "Rhythm Of The Drum" is a hit in the making

Shift K3Y's 2018 saw his music reach grow exponentially. His tracks "Entirety" and "Only You" are now in the "if you can't recall his music by name, you'll know it when you hear it," category with millions of plays placing his music visibly on playlists and radio. For his latest single, "Rhythm Of The Drum," the London producer makes his debut on Tiesto's deeper and underground focused label AFTR:HRS

"Rhythm Of The Drum" is uniquely Shift K3Y and uniquely UK in its use of retro electronic music - specifically garage and the underground scene of house music's beginnings - as inspiration for making his own. This single has notably infectious hip-hop inspired vocals, such that make it so fun it's bound to be another ubiquitous play. But it's easy to enjoy guilt-free until then, as a pump up track for the weekend - or really any time.

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Dance · House · Rhythmic Pop · U.K.


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