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Zhao emits calm positivity in “Feeling Today”

Los Angeles based artist Zhao blends electro-pop with elements of psychedelia on his new single “Feeling Today”.  A highly infectious up-tempo track, it features soulful vocals atop soothing electro soundscapes and funky basslines. "Feeling Today” was created in the hopes of putting listeners in a comfortable sonic space.

With an effortless flow and natural zen, the electronic anthem evokes a strong sense of optimism. The track narrates Zhao’s life as a musician in Los Angeles, trying his best to treat every situation as a valuable experience, despite his fears of being taken advantage of. 
Zhao explores the idea of all deserving love, "That’s the message - that kindness will set you free. That resentment and fear put you in a cage, and the solution is to forgive yourself, forgive others, and move on. There’s also an element of reassuring myself that whatever happens, the best thing I can do is operate within what I can control - honing my craft, and checking in with people I care about”. 
Generating momentum in his career, Zhao has landed spots on Spotify's "Fresh Finds" and "Summer Heat” playlists. He’s also performed at top Los Angeles venues and festivals as well as having worked with prominent electro artists (Eric Sharp, Armand Van Helden).  Zhao is hold his own as an exceptional up and coming talent with the release of "Feeling Today". 
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