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Joshua J travels to Barcelona to drop "Let Go" and share news of an upcoming album

*Rubs eyes* Could it be? Is it possible yet another great artist has wandered out of the interwebs and landed right here, on the glorious pages of EARMILK? Not only is it quite possible, but it’s also true.

Meet Joshua J, a Dutch singer who does it all. He sings, produces, masters his music, and even works on his cover art. Hell, the guy edits his music videos! Where do kids these days find all of this talent?

Anyway, Joshua J just dropped a new video and announced the release of an upcoming album. All the details, plus his sweet new video, lie below.

Amazing, right? In “Let Go” Joshua J and his team hop on over to arguably the best city in the world, Barcelona, to find some inspiration. As it turns out, inspiration is everywhere in this magical city, as is evident by the massive smile plastered to Joshua’s face throughout the nearly three-minute flick.

Both the video and actual song, “Let Go” are happy and carefree. Without much direction or storyline, “Let Go” works because Joshua’s positive nature bleeds through the piece. It’s the type of song that makes you forget about anything ailing you for a few minutes and, well, “Let Go.”

On top of the visuals, Joshua J announced he is releasing his debut album, 1998 on March 8th. Grab yourself a copy when it drops, but until then, press play on “Let Go” above.


Connect with Joshua J: Spotify| Facebook | Instagram

Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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