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Kean Kavanagh makes a "Miracle" out of "Toca's Miracle"

Soft Boy Records mainstay Kean Kavanagh has released "Miracle," his first single of 2019. It's a patchwork quilt of different sounds and genres, weaved into one gorgeous tune. 

Kavanagh's music is lush and complex, with layered electronics and gorgeous bass lines. His late 2018 release "Coca Cola Sky" was infused with jazz and "Miracle" is no different. Mixed by Kavanagh himself and another Soft Boy artist called Wastefellow, Kavanagh cites Coco's "Toca's Miracle" as the inspiration for the track. Of the process, he says:
In this case, I was making this beat and was kind of running out of ideas until my friend came into my room. We started messing around with an organ over the beat and the melody to Coco's "Toca's Miracle" came into my head from whatever dark place early 2000s trance classics are suppressed, and I had to  record that line from the chorus for myself because I just thought it was so funny. But then, the more layers I added, the more it all swirled together into something nice.
So much of Kavanagh's material seems to be born out of a good sense of humour and slightly wild ideas. Perhaps that is part of the reason—along with his multi-instrumental talent—his music is so beautiful. 
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