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Slide back in time with some future funk, brought to you by Lion Babe's "The Wave"

We want the funk. And when Lion Babe gives you the funk, you’re gon take it. Kendrick Lamar said that, right? Ya, he said that.

Fictitious co-signs aside, Lion Babe’s latest “The Wave” is funk at it’s finest. Thank god this style of music is coming back. The people need t!

Fun fact, the person who invented the word “groovy” actually owned and operated a time machine and used it to travel into the future. Whilst visiting the 21st century, that mad scientist stumbled across Lion Babe’s video for “The Wave,” gasped and said, “Wow, this is so...so...groovy!” And thus, the word was born!

Seriously, that happened. Check Wikipedia; it’s there.

Featuring Leikeli47, “The Wave” leans in as far as it possibly can, until it’s practically toppled over, on the whole, “modern 70s nostalgia thing.” And, you know what, it works. Everything about the video embodies that maximalist aesthetic that was so popular during the 70s. If all over flower print clothing and infinite versions of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman are your ideas of a great video, then damn, did you stumble across the right music video.

But more than acting as a funky vid, “The Wave” serves as the mouthpiece for Lion Babe to shout the news of their upcoming album across the internet. The duo’s forthcoming LP, Cosmic Wind drops March 29th.

Here’s hoping February flies by fast.


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