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Join Augustine in his world of romance and nostalgia with "Luzon"

There’s something to be said about style for the sake of style. Swedish, indie pop artist, Augustine, would seem to agree. In his debut video, “Luzon,” the Swedish act roams the tiny, cobbled alleyways and tiered terraces of Riomaggiore & Manarola, Italy. The videography is beautiful. It moves the focus away from Augustine and, instead, plants these romantic cities in the spotlight, letting their pastel walls and breath-taking sunsets give life to Augustine’s lyrics.

Born in Gothenburg but now living in Stockholm, Augustine is yet another talented newcomer in the DIY/bedroom space. “‘Luzon’” Augustine says, “was written while sitting by my window in Stockholm on a sunny day, playing the instrumental and singing melodies straight into my MacBook’s microphone. That chorus is actually the same vocal version on the final track. It’s is about letting go and daring to be light-hearted and in love for a second. It’s a nostalgic, weird little love song.”

While “Luzon” does not feature any love interest for Augustine (or really any other people, for that matter) the nostalgic and romantic motif that he mentioned still permeates through. How? Because of style. From shots of Augustine dancing to birds soaring across the open ocean, “Luzon” feels like a dream. So when Augustine pairs these scenes with his chatty horns and dancing shakers, a real sense of wonder and romance appears.

This is the first we, or anyone for that matter, has heard from Augustine but it won’t be the last. With a debut like “Luzon,” there’s no doubt Augustine and his stylish brand of indie pop are here to stay.


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