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JAMS The Flava Child braves the Polar Vortex for his latest video "Trust Myself"

Despite negative 40 degree temperatures (seriously, look it up), Chicago MC JAMS The Flava Child filmed and dropped his latest video for “Trust Myself” last night. And while that is a little insane considering it was colder than Antartica, it shows JAMS' absurd level of dedication to his art.

So what, is this some sort of flex? Is JAMS trying to prove his mettle by dropping a video outside when everyone else in the MidWest is staying indoors? No, not really. While it’s crazy to think somebody would go to this length to put out a video, toughing it out fits well with the theme of the song.

“Trust Myself” finds JAMS realizing he can’t depend on anyone else. Over a NEDO produced beat, he scrolls through past mistakes like it’s his timeline. He sees people he has trusted who hurt him and admits that he’s too quick to believe. But instead of getting down on himself or his situation, he sees it as an opportunity to rise up. And so, he goes out, braving the literal tundra that awaits him, and does it on his own.

“Trust Myself” comes off of JAMS’ Snack Pack, Vol 2, one of a handful of EPs he released over the past year. 

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