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HALIENE releases acoustic version of "Saving Light" after two year mark

Two years ago, Gareth Emery and Standerwick's "Saving Light" graced the global stage, touching hearts with its plaintive, emotive production. Yet, it was the haunting croons of songstress HALIENE that made the song all the more raw and special. As mentioned in a previous interview with EARMILK, HALIENE holds the song close to her heart; it's an intrinsic expression of her personal narrative.

Now, HALIENE has finally released the official acoustic version of the song under her own name via label Monstercat.

"There are some songs that make you dance, some songs that make you cry, but few that truly touch your soul. Without doubt, "Saving Light" is one of those rare ones," HALIENE shares. " Two years on the date after the beginning of an incredible journey with this song, performing it all over the world, from clubs to festivals, from marriage proposals to radio shows, I am so excited to bring the world a brand new acoustic version of "Saving Light". I love you all so much and pray this special song will help bring light to anyone struggling in darkness."

A breathtaking rendition of the infamous trance record, HALIENE effortlessly imbues "Saving Light" with even more heartbreaking emotions—an orchestral rhapsody that brings one back into the light. Perhaps an angel, the songstress's haunting vocals beautifully accompany the piano chords and string arrangements, encapsulating an ethereality both enchanting and dreamlike. Truly, it's a song that both empowers and inspires, and something that may very well help you find the light in your life. 

Buy/stream "Saving Light (Acoustic)" here.


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