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Monstercat surprises with Gareth Emery & Standerwick and the beautiful "Saving Light"

If you’re a disenchanted fan of trance music, this one will make you excited to reengage with the sound. First teased last year at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, “Saving Light” is the work of Gareth Emery alongside Standerwick. It’s a reminder that insane tempo and in your face energy aren’t always what makes something special. Partnering with HALIENE, Emery and Standerwick have followed a seemingly formulaic path in creating this track. But what stands out is their command of melody, making “Saving Light” plain beautiful, emotional and a production that speaks to each level of talent involved. Invigorating, uplifting, and all the words you want to hear describing a great trance track are those that can be used when listening to “Saving Light.”

While we all know Gareth Emery for his beautiful understanding of melody and Standerwick for his just as elevating work, the rest of the story behind “Saving Light” comes as a surprise. It wasn’t released on Emery’s usual Garuda, but on another electronic label, Monstercat. The Vancouver-based label has built a foundation of quality releases in its years, and though they haven’t ever had a major foray into trance, we know their trustworthy A&R knew this was a hit in the making. 

The proceeds of sales from “Saving Light” will go to an anti-bullying charity group, Ditch the Label.

When the formula works, why mess with it? 



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