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Cousin Chief team up with AceofWaves on the soulful "Anita's Freestyle"

Cousin Chief aka Chaz Louee is an emerging emcee and photographer with roots in both East Baltimore and Northern California. On his new single titled  "Anita's Freestyle", he teams up with producer AceofWaves who helps the emcee marry the vibrant worlds of rap and classic Soul and R&B. As the title indicates, the song was inspired by "Whatever It Takes", one of Anita Baker's classic tunes from her fourth album Compositions. Expertly flipping the reflective piano riff and smooth bassline into a soulful trap song, the duo proceeds to detail what love actually entails.  The song essentially reinforces the idea that saying you love someone is one thing but it may not truly be felt or even understood until you follow through with concrete action, stating that "...you can't tell these girls nothing. They want that action or something..." as sung in the hook.

Cousin Chief released debut EP, 'This Ain't Party Music'  in August 2018 and has plans to release new music as well as a revamped photography portfolio throughout 2019 as he works alongside fellow Break Free Sounds members ClrConscience and Aiyana Maria

Connect with  Cousin Chief: SoundCloud |  AudioMack |  Instagram 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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